Betsy DeVos, is our new US Secretary of Education, by one historic, tie-breaking vote. We owe her some thanks. She woke us up. She made America, the world, care about the k-12 education system.

Never before has a Presidential nominee received so much pressure and so much opposition, from the left and the right.


Parents, teachers, education advocates, on both sides of the aisle raised serious concerns.  Many grassroots citizens vowed to remember how their Senator voted at his/her next election, some tried to outbid lobbyists as a way to raise awareness,   many vowed to donate to their Senator’s opponent, based on this one important vote.  Several folks promised to attend meetings and town halls to make their voice heard.   This is good. We are watching. Instead of talking about the weather, we’re talking about what needs to be done to help children, and put education back in the hands of parents and teachers.

Will President Trump keep his promise to end Common Core, and protect children’s privacy?

President Trump and Ms. DeVos could IMMEDIATELY take a stand against student data mining, by reversing the 2011 weakening of FERPA.  This administration could repeal and scale back ESSA.  Does Ms. DeVos really oppose Common Core?  Will President Trump’s (heavily Jeb-influenced and  pro-common core ) education cabinet continue to promote common standards, commonly tagged data, and the fast track of competency-based, hidden online data collection known as personalized learning?   Will this administration uphold federal IDEA law, ensuring all students are afforded an equal and adequate education?

We can only wait and watch.  We are awake and watching, by the millions.


Cheri Kiesecker

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