From the singer (also a teacher) on the youtube description:

NYS Teacher vs. NYS Governor Requirements:
Requirements for becoming a teacher in New York State:
-High school diploma
-30 semester hours of core courses in liberal arts and science
-21 semester hours in pedagogical core courses
-30 semester hours in the target subject area
-a full semester of student teaching (at least 40 semester hours)
-two training workshops related to child abuse and school violence
-must pass the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST)
-must pass the Educating All Students Test (EAS)
-must pass the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)
-must pass the Content Specialty Test (CST)
-Bachelor’s degree
-must obtain Master’s degree within 5 years
-175 hours of professional development every 5 years over career

Requirements for becoming Governor of New York State:
-be at least 30 years old
-be a New Yorker for at least 5 years prior to election
-That’s it. Literally.
Perhaps teachers know a bit more about education than the governor? Perhaps teachers are a bit more qualified to discuss, contribute to, shape and reshape a child’s development than the governor? Perhaps teachers are educated enough to be part of the process more so than the governor?
Being born to a former governor has its advantages.
I ain’t no fortunate son.


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