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Is this the face of the GOP?  Are the GOP House members who voted for the ESEA reauthorization–a 1000 plus page bill that was made public only two days ago and filled with Federal carrots/sticks to make sure states don’t direct their own educational direction/delivery–really Democrats in drag?  ALL Democrats who voted did so in the affirmative and only 64 Republicans voted against it.  The Republicans who voted for this bill buy into the Nancy Pelosi style of government of needing to sign the bill so they could find out what’s in it.  And even if they DID have time to read it, how did they miss what Oklahoma Representative Jim Bridenstine discovered in the bill that made him vote no?


Sheryl Kaufman, Communications Director
Congressman Jim Bridenstine Opposes Federal Control of Education
Washington, DC, December 2, 2015     
Today, Congressman Jim Bridenstine voted against the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which would replace No Child Left Behind. The bill passed 359 to 64.
Bridenstine said, “ESSA expands the role of the federal government by creating a program for pre-school managed by the Department of Health and Human Services and expanding after school programs.
“No Child Left Behind was a seriously flawed law that greatly increased federal control of education. I was disappointed that the Every Student Succeeds Act missed the opportunity to return control of our children’s education to where it belongs: states, local school districts, and ultimately, parents.”
ESSA also maintains several troublesome aspects of current law:
·         Maintains the federal testing burden
·         Requires states to intervene in schools underperforming by federal metrics
·         Allows federal education spending to continue to grow
·         Forces states to develop standards that conform with federal guidelines
“I voted for the House version of this bill because that legislation, while not perfect, moved education policy in the right direction by allowing funding to follow students to the school of their parents’ choice (“portability”), allowing parents to opt their students out of federally mandated testing, and shortening the timeframe in which Congress must next examine education policy. ESSA strips these crucial provisions,” the Congressman explained.
“I believe that the best education for our children is not one dictated by politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, DC. We should return control of education to those who know the needs of students the best. Therefore, I opposed ESSA.”
Sheryl Kaufman
Communications Director

These Missouri House Republicans in drag (masquerading as ‘conservative’ politicians stating they want to reduce Federal involvement/mandates/debt) need to be primaried for their vote:

Jason Smith (RSalem), District 8 was the only Missouri House Republican who may have thought that signing on to a bill that he (or the public) did not have time to read was not politically responsible.  Many thanks to Representative Smith for voting ‘no’.

We have a new hashtag for these Republicans who allowed themselves to be Pelosied in signing on to a bill that circumvented public scrutiny and even legislative debate.  Start referring to your Republican politicians in drag as #transpartisan.  Declare them to be out of the political closet and understand there is little to no difference between them and the Democrats who voted for this educational recurring nightmare formerly known as NCLB.

You can determine if your Republican representative is #transpartisan from the voting list here.

Read more on why this bill should not have passed in the House.


Next move: The Senate.  Vote rumored to be held on December 7.  Anyone pick up on the significance on the date of that vote?




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