The CCSS educrats are a lesson for those against the CCSSI. The more they try to marginalize, the stronger we become.


The title today is from an actual tweet to a mom in a Common Core discussion.  The tweet is from an unnamed pro CCSSI educator who believes those against the initiative are out of step with society and miffed that we won’t take his/her opinion on why Missouri parents should embrace CCSSI.  He/she won’t provide his/her credentials or identity but complains that his/her opinions aren’t considered by this site, but instead we retweet comments made by stay-in-bed moms who’ve never taught a day, let alone in a public school.

Additionally, he/she writes that CCSSI opponents are out of touch with society.  The unknown alleged educator has little respect for the taxpayers/parents who are compelled to pay for this Initiative and attempts to marginalize their research.  He/she tells parents they have choices if they don’t like CCSSI: private school or home school.  He/she doesn’t address why taxpayers should not protest the privatization of public education and place it in the hands of non-governmental organization that face no accountability.  You can find the comments here.

When CCSS proponents don’t have facts on their side and face criticism, it has become routine that the educrats, special interests and bureaucrats, insult the parents  who are paying for the education reform forced into their schools.  The educrats insist these parents are

  • clueless
  • misinformed
  • racist
  • white suburban moms
  • stay-in-bed moms

but these attacks only expose the education reformers as petty, mean-spirited and lacking in any substantial research/facts to prove their CCSSI claims.  They are meaningless because they have no facts to refute parents’ research.  For a group that insists it wants to use data for data-driven decisions, it has none to offer when making its claims.

We have a challenge for all you ‘stay-in-bed moms’ (and dads) to have a bit of fun while also providing your research on CCSSI.  We have established a Facebook page, Stay-in-Bed Moms, for you to provide a photo where you do your research.  Our inaugural photo was taken in the June meeting at the Missouri School Board meeting.  You can find the first article from this 6 hour meeting here.  You’ll find an in-depth report by Anne about this plan that no other media outlet reported on in any detail.

We appreciate all you moms and dads who are protesting this takeover of education, want to regain a constitutional republic and believe the rule of law should be followed.  Unlike the educrats, we believe you should have a voice for the programs you are compelled to pay for and you are your child’s advocate.  Have some fun and we can’t wait to see your photos!  We really should thank our unnamed educator for reminding us of the famous Gandhi quote and being a lesson to all the moms and dads and educators protesting the CCSSI.  I have a feeling that Gandhi would not belittle those people who are acting on their conviction and concerned about their children:


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