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Neal McCluskey of CATO raises a great question and blows up the talking point that the standards were ‘state led’.  Why WOULD Arne Duncan even care what Florida did with Common Core?  After all, if they are truly ‘state led’, then the Federal Government should have no input into Florida’s concerns about the standards.  Right? Right?!

Read more here in Ed. Sec. Arne Duncan Sought Advice From Jeb Bush Over Rick Scott’s Fear of ‘Rebellion’ Around Common Core:

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan asked for advice via his private email account from Jeb Bush about how to respond to concerns about Common Core from current Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Buzzfeed reports that emails it obtained from September 23, 2013 show Duncan’s request for help from Bush, the former Florida governor, and Bush’s advice that followed which said Scott was “fearful of rebellion.”

The email from Duncan names “Gov Scott” in the Subject field and continues in the Message field with, “Is calling me. Any advice?”

Bush, reports Buzzfeed, replied from a plane an hour later:

I am on a plane.

He is fearful of the rebellion. Wants to stop using the term common core but keep the standards. Wants to get out of PARCC. I asked him if he had specifics things that the federal government is doing or perceived to be doing. He didn’t have them when I spoke to him last thursday evening.

Duncan’s response was a simple, “Thanks.”




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