Teachers:  SPEAK OUT.  Do not believe the Education Commissioner.  Your profession is being decimated.
Teachers: SPEAK OUT. Access more teacher letters at Missouri Coalition Against Common Core.

Written by a Missouri Mom:

I apologize in advance for offending those teachers who are the suck-ups who fight FOR Common Core with what I am about to write. In fact, I really am not that sorry for what I am about to say…but, it seems appropriate to apologize for speaking the truth these days because it invariably will anger a few. None the less, some things must be said. Teachers, do you not see where you are headed? Can you please pull your head out of the sand just long enough to see the writing on the wall PLEASE, and try to save yourself? We are not dealing with NCLB with the hope that this new fad in education will blow over like all the rest. This is very different. Do you not see that your profession is going to be needless soon? Teachers are systematically being eliminated. Do you not see the set-up right before your eyes? Can you not feel the fact that the government and education reformers are creating the crisis of education because you (teachers) don’t know how to teach? THEY have to save the kids.

Can you not see where we are headed? Have you ever heard of Teach For America? (If not, you had better darn well start doing a little research). Do you wonder why TFA lobby the halls of Jefferson City? Do you not realize that Bill Gates does not need “teachers” or trained professionals to get in his way? There is software for that, silly. Facilitators are cheaper than teachers. They don’t ask questions and “wish for the past”…they let the software work the magic. The “CONSTRUCTIVIST” method of teaching eliminates you, and in conjunction with the new one-to-one teaching models with personalized learning environments that now are available with technology teachers are no longer a necessity. Bill Gates has fixed that. Good teachers cost too much; ask way too many questions; and dare try to advocate for children. YOU, teachers, are the problem. Software will “FIX” the mess you have created.

Why do teachers allow their profession to be so abused?  Because you won’t stand up for yourselves you are blamed over and over again for the reasons the kids in America have become so “dumb”!  I have heard Commissioner Nicastro blame failing scores on the failure of “implementation”.  She blames the teachers!  Your superintendents do the same thing when school boards worry aloud in  board meetings why scores look bad in your districts!  It is never their fault when things go wrong, it is always yours.  It is never the fault of horribly written standardized tests or the disastrous curricula they impose upon you!  Yet, you get blamed all of the time when it is not your fault.  Because you won’t stand up for yourselves your profession will become obsolete.  Your are lambs being led to slaughter.  FYI: Education in America is failing due to “bad teachers” according to the educrats and Arne Duncan!  They have to revamp your evaluations because YOU are the problem!  They have to get rid of the “bad” teachers to save the children.

Are you even paying attention to your Governor Nixon and your Commissioner of Education in Missouri in their pursuit to tie your evals to tests that have no validity or reliability studies attached? NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE GETTING SET UP! But, please don’t stand up for yourselves. Keep your heads in the sand. You are such easy targets that way. We are witnessing the elimination of an entire profession because you are too afraid to stand up in many cases. If you really think Common Core is so great…you probably deserve the fate that will soon befall you.Has anyone noticed that more and more of the veteran teachers are retiring saying, “I cannot teach like that”, or have you noticed how many teachers tell you how many days left before they can retire (and in some cases it is more than 10 years)? The good ones are dropping like flies, or are miserable for a reason. They KNOW how it should be, but see what their profession is becoming. So sad. Think this is a joke?  Think again. WELCOME TO COMMON CORE. LESS MONEY TO GIVE TO TEACHERS BECAUSE MORE MONEY NEEDS TO GO TO SOFTWARE COMPANIES, AND TECHNOLOGY. FACILITATORS NEED ONLY APPLY.

An article I read sums it up in an excellent way: It read…

New teachers are graduating from schools of ed taught to “manage” classrooms, not teach. They will facilitate and that is about it.

So sad.

(DISCLAIMER: I have met many, many AMAZING teachers who have put themselves way out there to fight against CC publicly. Those teachers inspire me (Jill, Janet, and Lisa to name a few). I have met so many tremendous teachers who see the writing on the wall, and in spite of the fact they know they jeopardize their careers by speaking out they are leading the way. To you those teachers who fight for their profession: I am an eternal fan. I believe in you. I stand with you, and I fight because I won’t see you fight alone. I am sorry so many of your peers refuse to help save your profession. But, for those of you who are, my hat goes off to you! You are the teachers we all want our kids to have! This post was NOT for you. It was to those you work with who are too lazy to do the homework to know what is really going on, or to those who suck-up at the the full expense of the rest of your profession.)


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