The Common Core Standards c.2010 war continues.

From the Missouri Torch (which you need to have delivered to your inbox for up to date Missouri political news):

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Sheila Solon

Remember Representative Lair?  He’s the head of the Republican Education Appropriations Budget Committee (and deemed the nation’s “most arrogant state lawmaker”) who inserted the $8.00 budget line item for those Common Core opponents.  It’s time to contact these Republicans and remind them that the state Republican party and the National Republican Party have come out with resolutions against Common Core State Standards c.2010.  (Remember, these standards ARE COPYRIGHTED. Even if they are called “Missouri Learning Standards” they are STILL Common Core State Standards c.2010).

Did they not get the memo?

This is the link to find contact information for these representatives.  Be respectful but firm.  We do not want Common Core State Standards c.2010 in Missouri.  Be sure to call Representative Spencer and thank him for his determination in ridding the state of Common Core State Standards c.2010.


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