Achieve the Core recently held a conference in Denver where #coreadvoactes tweeted their support of Common Core and NGO directed educational policy.    From a sampling of the tweets, Common Core writers (not elected by your state boards of education) Sue Pimental and Jason Zimba served as cheerleaders and thought leaders for teachers throughout the country who are enthusiastic about the NGO takeover of education policy and practice.  Jason Zimba is probably most famous for his testimony that the Common Core State Standards would not make students ready for select colleges (or at least colleges their parents want their children to attend), but reading the tweets, this admission seems meaningless in the teachers’ support for nationally standardized education:



Zimba admits that Common Core will NOT make students STEM ready.  Notice he did not state this was due to possible ‘implementation issues’, but rather, the standards themselves.  Zimba is just one of  the speakers #coreadvocates celebrated this past weekend in Denver.  Should #coreadvocate teacher critical thinking should be called into question by parents and taxpayers?


Teachers also learned advocacy techniques to bring it back to their states and classrooms for Common Core support and implementation:



You can access the googledoc here but you will need to provide personal information to access the toolkit. Perhaps one of the tools teachers were taught to use is to ‘support’ parental questioning with the ultimate goal of buy in from parents and other Common Core naysayers:



Of course, core advocates have to marginalize parents first by declaring their research into the adoption and implementation of CCSS was faulty.  Parents should be told that aren’t logical when they question that turning over states’ responsibilities to determine state educational goals (and not those written by Achieve, NGA, CCSSO) is permitted without legislative approval.  Perhaps these #coreadvocate teachers should understand civics, political process and history before they tweet how parents will support a NGO takeover of education with no public accountability.

That’s a fact they have yet to refute.  In the meantime, the #coreadvocates might want to understand the different types of government and what they bought into when they became enamored of the latest education reform.  Zimba and Pimental represent the oligarchic structure of government: they are private unelected citizens writing educational policy for states.  They are not elected and/or members of your state board of education or legislature.  Then why are they directing what standards you state is using?  If you support the rule of law, you don’t support implementing educational policy which has no research and data confirming its usefulness and you certainly don’t support the use of ‘choice architects’ deciding the choices for your state.  However, if you believe that the end justifies the means, go ahead and jump on that #coreadvocate cheerleading team.  Be part of the group labeling facts as ‘fear based language’ and declaring PR talking points as ‘logic’.

Here is a  link on the forms of government for the #coreadvoactes and a challenge for these teachers: with your enthusiasm for an oligarchic structure of education, convince me that being powerless as a parent and/or taxpayer in the direction of public education is a good thing and not a tyranny of the elite.  It will require more than showing NGO supported teacher enthusiasm for NGO mandates, alleged student enthusiasm (just how will that be measured), and questionable stats/pro Common Core cheery vocabulary to support an oligarchic structure of government. Perhaps American history and political structure should be introduced in Common Core math lessons (think cross-curricular) as these teachers don’t have a clue on why parents/taxpayers have a constitutional reason to oppose the standards and they erroneously believe they can win us over by using talking points from their toolkit and NGO spokespersons:




For more information on Achieve and other NGO organizations supporting the Common Core State Standards, read Mercedes Schneider’s A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending.  Do the #coreadvocates believe Bill Gates’ spending to ensure the adoption and implementation of the CCSS represents a republic or oligarchy?



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