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Delaware Legislator/Teacher supports parental right for SBAC testing opt-out



From Delaware Online is a letter from Delaware Representative Sean Matthews stating his objections to standardized testing via SBAC:


Matthews letter on SBAC


This is encouraging opt-out/refuse the test advice to parents everywhere from a teacher and member of a House Education Committee.  Parents might want to send this letter to their respective state representatives and senators and have them consider seriously parents’ right to make educational decisions for their children.  Are state statutes now necessary to protect parents/students from policies  state agencies/local school districts want to impose on parents’ right to refuse the test for their children? Do we need to insist the legislature create laws to protect parents/students from educational reform which is becoming increasingly punitive to parents and students?

If you are experiencing push back from your refusal requests in Missouri, please contact the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core at  We have heard from several parents who have been told they are not ‘allowed’ to refuse these tests although no mention is made by the school and/or DESE of the state statute compelling their child’s participation in these standardized tests.


More from Representative Matthews:

Please listen to what Delaware State Representative Sean Matthews had to say on WDEL last Thursday.  This was about United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s visit to Delaware.  The day before, Matthews and DE State Rep. John Kowalko wrote a letter to Arne Duncan on his visit.  From

To see the letter Matthews and Kowalko wrote to Duncan, please go here:





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