Announcing another Request for Proposal (RFP) from Missouri which will create/allow:

  • Additional loss of privacy for additional groups of people
  • The expansion of a centralized data base of human capital with a common data set
  • More jobs for the bureaucrats proposing/administering the program funded by the Department of Labor
  • More Federal tax dollars to obtain data for jobs that don’t exist


The grant is $19.7 Million to gather data on individuals who couldn’t find high paying STEM jobs even if they had been trained.


From The Missouri Community College Association announcing a Request for Proposal from the US Department of Labor:




There is no mention of ‘how to’ create STEM jobs.  It’s money to train human capital to work in STEM jobs…which don’t exist, at least in the information technology area.  It would be helpful to discover exactly how many jobs are unfilled in Missouri in these STEM industries:



More information on the data mining from the Department of Labor for even more groups (adults who are unskilled, TAA/dislocated workers, unemployed, underemployed, veterans) is below.  All Americans have a data ‘target’ on their backs and on their data sets:



MO Stem Wins is a workforce-education data mining grant.


Step into STEM
Watch Your Job Opportunities Grow!

Job opportunities are growing in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM). St. Louis Community College is participating in a statewide grant program – MoSTEMWINs – which allows qualified individuals to enter a no-fee MoSTEMWINs Portal program to discover their interests and select a STEM Career Pathway.

MoSTEMWINs Programs*

The $15 million dollar statewide MoSTEMWINs* program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and is designed to train Missourians for jobs in transportation, manufacturing, information technology, health services/health sciences, and science support. The program is administered through the Missouri Community College AssociationThe grant funding for State Fair Community College provides eligible students with Student Success Navigators who offer coaching and career counseling and provide resources to address barriers.


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