This is a follow-up post to Commissioner Nicastro’s acceptance speech in July 2009 in which she stated that Missouri had  high standards and a good framework for assessments.  Why, then, would she sign on to the Common Core standards one month later when she assumed her position as Commissioner?  If our standards and assessments were so good, why did she sign onto copyrighted and privately owned standards?

Another educational expert had glowing remarks about Missouri standards in 2008. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings met with the DESE board and discussed No Child Left Behind on a tour of the country. She compared Missouri standards to those of Massachusetts. This remark is at 1:40:


Don’t believe the talking points put out by the Chamber of Commerce, education reformer think tanks and other Common Core proponents.  Especially don’t believe op eds in The St. Louis Post Dispatch by Fordham’s Michael Petrilli and Michael Brickman saying that Missouri will suffer “a return to low academic standards”.  According to Spellings and Nicastro, we had high achievement and good standards.  Their concern for Missouri dropping the Common Core State Standards have more to do with the disappearance of a centralized educational system via a business model vs a genuine concern for Missouri children.

Are the proponents trying to rewrite educational history?  Who is speaking the truth about the standards?



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