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At your next PTA or PTO meeting, play this video below.  Send this clip to your legislator telling him/her why Common Core is disastrous for children.  Send it to your superintendent and principal when you explain why you will be opting your child out of the assessments.  Don’t forget to send it your State Board members, Commissioner of Education and Governor who signed the MOUs obligating your state to adopt the standards.

Watch the video and see if you can spot what type of child you were and what animal your child and/or children would identify most closely with.  What ‘common’ animal would be Common Core be tailored to in ‘Animal School’?  Any guesses?



Who are the 29 voters who gave this video a thumb downs?  Could their initials be ER for ‘Education Reformers’?  Or VC for ‘Venture Capitalists’?  Or DSD for ‘Data Set Developers’?  Or maybe TE for ‘The Elites’?





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