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Common Core Proponents (Supported by Tax Dollars and Special Interest Groups):

  • Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, State Education Agency,Jefferson City, MO
  • Robert Pondiscio, Senior Fellow @ Fordham Institute; senior adviser @democracyprep. K-12 education, literacy, civics and citizenship
  • EdProgress, Center For American Progress Education Policy Team
    Washington D.C.

Common Core Opponents (Unpaid writers/researchers and taxpayers concerned about private non governmental organizations developing/directing public education with no accountability):

Scene: Critique of pro Common Core kindergarten math video published on twitter.

Location: Twitter

Act I:

Missouri DESE retweets Robert Pondiscio’s  modified tweet from EdProgress containing a video produced by Center for American Progress on ‘what Common Core means for students’.  EdProgress asks for questions.


missouri dese center for american progress

 The video link is here.

Act II:

Questions are asked for, so I ask one.  Simple, right?  I ask Susan and AP if they know if Pondiscio and EdProgress are connected financially with special interest groups funding the standards that just ‘might’ taint their support.  They do know the answer:


pondiscio twitter convo

Scene III:

Crickets from Mr. Pondiscio, Missouri DESE and EdProgress regarding  question about the financial support and/or grants these organizations have received from special interest groups. Maybe Mr. Pondiscio’s previous tweet explains and represents the silence from the well funded CCSSI proponents.  I don’t believe questioning financial support of organizations is indicative of being a ‘raving maniac’ but we still have received no engagement from the proponents refuting the financial support from Gates or claiming the funding makes no difference in their support for the Initiative:


raving maniacs

Scene III:

It’s your turn to ask Missouri DESE, Mr. Pondisico and @EdProgress your questions about Common Core.  After all, you are the ones paying for it and providing your children for this experiment.  They really want to know.  Or not.


Published September 30, 2014


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