A mother gave me permission to post the worksheet her 4th grader brought home from “Go Math”, a common core aligned textbook.

Not only does the problem use letters instead of numbers, the mother informed me the children had not even learned long division yet or remainders.  How can these children make sense of the problem when they don’t know long division, much less make sense of an abstract math problem that uses letters?

See if you can solve it.  Does it make you angry that children are being subjected to  common core aligned math?  Is this really “clearer”?

Carmen sandiego common core math
Is this “rigor” or the epitome of frustration for 4th grade math?

Here’s information on GoMath! and Soar to Success Math:

GO Math!

Elementary Math Curriculum

Grades K–6

GO Math! is a focused elementary math curriculum designed to meet the goals of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are integrated throughout the program. Students and teachers are supported as they advance from concrete to abstract content through the use of models and Math Talk. The flexibility, comprehensiveness, and rigor of GO Math! provide personalized and adaptive 21st-century instruction to ensure success.

GO Math! in your classroom

  • Written specifically for the Common Core
  • Includes digital, print, or blended approach
  • Differentiation ensures success for all
This problem is poorly written and developmentally inappropriate for 4th graders.  It will not ensure success, but ensure that students hate math.  This math problem isn’t asking Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?…..this common core aligned math problem is begging the question:
Where in the World are the Teachers and School Administrators Protecting Students from Inappropriate Math?  

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