Data breaches, cyber hacks and ransom notes…in Schools. Who is legally liable for k-12 student data privacy and security?

K-12 students and parents are hostage to the data overlords. No, I mean really,  hostage, in every sense.  As Natasha Singer points out here  and here, "BigData" and edtech have taken over…
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Data Collection

U.S. House hearing on student data gathering shows no limits on the federal desire to know everything about our children

Karen Effrem of Education Liberty Watch has once again put together a powerful letter explaining the privacy problems raised by the proposed reauthorization of the Education Sciences Reform Act (ESRA),…
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Sorting Coloradoans like shoes: “by size, shape, and color.” Pilot starts in Denver Public Schools

(The sorting people like shoes thing, yes, that's part of a quote.  Scroll down to see the whole thing.) Workforce pathways and digital workforce credentials in k-12 education are all the rage.…
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