Jeb Bush says, “Parents know best for their children.” Does that mean PARENTS can choose schools without Common Core standards, tests, data? If parents know best, why not let PARENTS choose?

Jeb Bush at The American Federation for Children (AFC) Summit. May 23, 2017   Betsy DeVos recently declared there is no more Common Core.  Tell that to the parents in 46…
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Emails from Jeb’s Chiefs for Change and Foundation for Excellence in Ed show nonprofits and government working hand in hand to lead states to Common Core and Online Learning

Governor Jeb Bush, Making "the Moral Case for Education Reform" at Foundation for Excellence in Ed 2016 Summit to over 1,000 ed reformers #EIE16 Jeb Bush has heavily promoted Common Core;…
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No Wonder the Education Cabal is Afraid of Homeschooling Families. They Aren’t Accountable to the Government & NGOs.

  Check out Homeschool Snark Shark if you are homeschooling or thinking about it.  If you are a parent contemplating making the change from a Common Core public school to…
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